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The Silent Man is very loosely based on the legendary grieving process of early 20th century painter Oskar Kokoschka from his great love Alma Malher through the figure of a home made doll.


Charlotte Colbert has reinterpreted the story in a contemporary context making it about a woman grieving a lost love through the figure of a life size male doll.


The Silent Man supported by Gazelli Art House and Quad Films takes the form of both a 15 minute film staring Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena, Nymphomaniac), Simon Amstell (Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Black Pond), Cillian Murphy (Sunshine, Inception) and Ben Miller (Jonny English).


It was written and directed by Charlotte Colbert. Produced by Anneka Haskins, exec produced by Mila Askarova and Nicholas Duval, shot by Ann Evelin Lawford, set designed by Noam Piper, edited by Ewa J Lind, sound designed by Christopher Wilson, costumes by Elin Evans, with an original score by NAKED. 

"One of the most surreal shorts we've ever seen.' 

                       I.D, Vice Magazine 


'It does everything a short film should do, with pitch-perfect dialogue, hilarious awkwardness and not a second of film wasted. And importantly it all tells a satisfying and genuinely heartfelt story'              

                        Atod Magazine

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